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The journal "Agriculture" (online publication ISSN 2453-8809) is included in the international database AGRIS (International System for Agricultural Science and Technology), which has more than 7.5 million structured bibliographic data on agriculture and related disciplines.

It is established and administered by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and includes more than 150 institutions from 65 countries of the world.

Log ID in the AGRIS database: R 27.

Topics of AGRIS articles:



And also:

* Geography and history in the field of agriculture

* Education, dissemination and advisory work in the field of agriculture

* Administration and legislation in agriculture

* Economics of agriculture and agriculture, rural sociology

* Crop production

* Plant protection and food storage

* Processing, transportation, storage and protection of agricultural products

* Forestry

* Animal husbandry

* Water sciences and fisheries

* Machines and buildings in agriculture and agriculture

* Natural resources

* Nutrition Sciences

* Human nutrition

* Pollution

* Auxiliary disciplines.

Read more list of AGRIS topics:

A Agriculture
A01 Agriculture - General issues
A50 Agricultural research
B Geography and history
B10 Geography in agriculture
B50 History in agriculture
C Education, dissemination and advisory work
C10 Education in agriculture
C20 Dissemination of knowledge and experience in agriculture
C30 Documentation and information in agriculture
D Administration and legislation
D10 Public administration in agriculture
D50 Legislation in agriculture
E Economics, development and rural sociology
E10 Agrarian economics and politics
E11 Land Economics and Politics
E12 Labor and employment in agriculture
E13 Investments, finance and credit in agriculture
E14 Development of economics and politics in agriculture
E16 Economics of production in agriculture
E20 Organization, administration and management of agriculture
J Processing, transportation, storage and protection of agricultural products
J10 Processing, transportation, storage and protection of agricultural products
J11 Processing, transportation, storage and protection of plant products
J12 Processing, transportation, storage and protection of forest products
J13 Processing, transportation, storage and protection of animal products
J14 Processing, transportation, storage and protection of fishery and aquaculture products
J15 Processing, transportation, storage and protection of non-food or non-agricultural products
K Forestry
K01 Forestry - general issues
K10 Forestry production
K11 Forest Technology
K50 Processing of forest products
K70 Forest damage and protection
L Animal husbandry
L01 Animal Husbandry
L02 Animal Feed
L10 Animal genetics and breeding
L20 Animal Ecology
L40 Animal Structures
L50 Physiology and biochemistry of animals
L51 Animal Physiology - nutrition
L52 Animal Physiology - growth and development
L53 Animal Physiology - reproduction
L60 Animal taxonomy and geography
L70 Veterinary and Hygiene
L72 Animal pests
L73 Animal diseases
L74 Various animal disorders
M Water sciences and fisheries
M01 Fishing and aquaculture - General aspects
M11 Fishing production
M12 Aquaculture products and management
M40 Water ecology
N Cars and buildings
N01 Agricultural machinery
N02 Farm Layout
N10 Agricultural structures
N20 Agricultural machinery and equipment
P Natural resources
P01 Conservation of nature and land resources
P05 Energy resources and management
P06 Renewable energy sources
P07 Non-renewable energy sources
P10 Water resources and management
P11 Drainage
P30 Soil Science and Management
P31 Geodesy and soil cartography
P32 Classification and genesis of soil
P33 Chemistry and physics of soil
P34 Soil biology
P35 Soil fertility
P36 Soil erosion, conservation and restoration
P40 Meteorology and Climatology
Q Nutrition Sciences
Q01 Nutrition Science and Technology
Q02 Food production and storage
Q03 Food contamination and toxicology
Q04 Food composition
Q05 Food Additives
Q51 Technologies of food intake (food delivery)
Q52 Feeding process and storage
Q53 Contamination and toxicology of the nutrition process (food intake)
Q54 Food composition
Q55 Feed Additives
Q60 Processing of non-food or non-feed agricultural products
Q70 Processing of agricultural waste
Q80 Food Packaging
S Human nutrition
S01 Human Nutrition - General aspects
S20 Physiology of human nutrition
S30 Diet and diet for diseases
S40 Power Programs
T Pollution
T01 Pollution
T10 Occupational diseases and hazards
U Auxiliary disciplines
U10 Mathematical and statistical methods in agriculture
U30 Research methods in agriculture
U40 Geodetic methods in the agroindustrial complex.