Научный журнал «Юридические исследования». ISSN 2409-7136. Научный журнал ВАК. Включен в РИНЦ. Св.рег. ЭЛ № ФС 77 - 60178 - nbpublish.com
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«Legal Studies» (18+)

№ 5, 2023
Published since
2012 year
Registered in Roscomnadzor
Registration number
ЭЛ № ФС 77 - 60178

The Journal "Legal Studies " had ISSN 2305-9699 and was previously called "NB: Matters of law and politics" until December 1st, 2014.

This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Founder: Dr. Danilenko Vasiliy, w.danilenko@nbpublish.com
Main editor: Danilenko Denis Vasil'evich, , danilenko_d@mail.ru
Финансовое и налоговое право
P. 1 - 11
P. 12 - 23
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