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Aurora group s.r.o. in cooperation with the Academic Publishing House “NOTA BENE” (OOO “NB-MEDIA”) is one of the leading Russian scientific publishers. It specializes in publishing journals and books in the spheres of humanities and social sciences, as well as communications and high technologies, military and technical spheres and security issues, and also in the sphere of cultural studies and fine arts.

It publishes monographs, manuals, fiction, art books, books by foreign scientists which were not previously translated into Russian. It also publishes books and journals in foreign languages. It issues ibook. All journals and books are presented in five Internet sites and in the App Store, they are accessible for workpads. It has a number of open access web publishing journals. Its electronic resources promote knowledge, inform the public on scientific discoveries, facilitates studies and discussions in the spheres of philosophy, political science, social studies, history, cultural studies, psychology, international relations, management and finances, audit and taxation, communications and computing technologies, security and strategic planning.

Considerable number of these journals is included into the list of the leading scientific publications, which are reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Russia, for the purpose of awarding degrees of PhD and Doctor of Sciences.

It has a digital scientific library. All of the publications, topical collections, archives and articles are distributed by mail via subscription agencies or round-the-clock access to the online electronic library of the Publishing House. The Publisher is an exclusive distributor of its products.

The Holding specializes in both printed and i-media projects. The Publishing Group of IT- Technologies is an officially registered developer for the Apple software products. The work is based on the remote servers of the Publishing House and the Backup systems.

The company has a large number of working and supported platforms for the transforming projects, such as websites, original software products, databases, backup systems, systematization and cataloguing, formation of communication bridges between authors, publishers and the database. All of the incoming materials are checked through the “anti-plagiary” system, the client and author support works in round-the-clock regime.

The Scientific Review Institute within the structure of the Publishing Group includes over 200 leading scientists in various spheres of science around the world. This division specializes in scientific analysis of incoming materials, and consultations for authors and publishers.

The Company actively cooperates with a number of non-governmental organizations and state institutions, as well as with the higher education institutions and research centers. The Company provides consultative services for many of them, and it provides support for the publication of scientific periodical journals, serving as a managing company. It constantly stays in touch with the renowned scholars and young talented authors. It provides the readers with topical scientific information.